Opening opportunities to harness the digital transformation of COVID-19 as the new hyper-digital era, ensuing a 360- degree is creatively driven and digital-focused marketing brand solutions agency.

Has any ever graduated, not progressing school afore? Has anyone ever envisioned demonetizing their own money ahead of the year 2016? Time changes altering to diverse generations and situations. Nobody had ever pictured making their businesses online before digitalization ensued. Deemed by this era, Vidya coined this arrangement by conjoining everything under one roof to equipped customized and professional fixes to brands.

She incepted Meraki&CO. in May 2020, amid the COVID pandemic as the course of conceiving a digitally focused marketing agency. Her conception was driven to build an autonomous podium to cater to all creative marketing solutions and devise the online presence of brands by formulating contrasting assistance with social media marketing, influencer marketing, website designing, content creation, blogging, photography, and videography. 

Digitalization is where corporate operations and activities carried out with the aid of digital tools and transforms businesses, government, institutions, and individuals to communicate effectively with the wider unrestricted audiences. At the time, people were becoming more aware of digitalization, it was the time to sound loud by forgiving the traditional ways of marketing, as digital speed is almost 5 times the traditional approach. Meraki&CO. took the action to hike the lead generation process and turn the business model encouraging to the modern way of the digital market. Filling and aggregating under one roof were important to help the clients grow, and letting them focus on their success, rather than worrying about the lows. So, ingenuity, innovation, and determination were the main courses towards augmenting the aptness of clients to achieve bigger milestones and soar higher. Meraki establishes and remodels brand images as needed and carves perfect exuberant features. 

The power of digitalization has made the brands more malleable, affordable, accessible, and abundant to everyone and speaking of which Meraki pilots them through the adequate way of advancing their brands right from the website designing to branding and PR, inclusive of constructing relatable and engaging content for their social media to escalating their online visibility. It’s an undying supply of satisfaction cracking up a notch with a dash of contentment. Turning the businesses online gives global access to customers and as well as suppliers and bridges the geographical gap by ceding the opportunity to manage everything from anywhere in the world. Connecting with the growing rate of internet users and their evolving demands, every brand needs to reach their potential customer at the right time with the right approach, so, here they study every chunk of dose to strategize edgy & efficient high-spirited content that is beyond the web thinkers.

Vidya exhibited the importance of making a brand digitally compatible by familiarizing her potential customer with the perks of the digital world with her consistent quality assured work. So, in just one year, Meraki got enlarged way further by helping more than 50+ businesses boost their brand image and visibility and helping them surplus their overall business revenue.

Starting the journey all alone she stood steady with her dreams to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity in the digital world and be India’s top marketing & PR agency. And now having an expertise, passionate and dynamic team for each respective department inclusive of digital marketers, social media managers, graphic & website designers, content creators, and PR & brand managers. 

 “Through such hard effort and creative work, I hope that someday India becomes a leading digitally equipped country and has businesses which grow more every day.”- The founder says.


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