Madhur Kohli, founder of IYASU – The Stretch Studio has compiled breathing exercises and gentle stretches to overcome COVID-19 induced anxiety.

Empowering people to strive for a healthy and fit life, Madhur Kohli has been working in the fitness industry for the past twenty years. She is a Rehabilitation Therapist, Fitness Coach, and Pilates Instructor who helps people live a high-quality life through manual and modified chiropractic techniques that fix joint misalignments and increase muscle strength. 

Madhur Kohli specializes in posture alignment, rehab, and core training. Being a Rehabilitation Therapist who is experienced in working for patients struggling with repetitive stress injuries such as frozen shoulder, Sciatic pain, Carpal’s tunnel syndrome, Tendonitis, and Spinal disc issues, she has used her knowledge in enabling patients to live a life free from pain to the best of her ability. 

However, in these challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 widespread, Madhur has seen an influx of patients complaining about breathing problems caused by anxiety, fear, and panic. Even those recovering from COVID-19 increasingly reported breathing problems. This prompted her to think of a solution that could provide immediate relief from restlessness and stress. As a result, she came up with an amalgamation of breathing exercises and gentle stretches that can be done every day to help with recovery. 

The basic idea was to make a holistic healing program that could empower those struggling with the menace of COVID-19. The exercises are for increasing lung capacity to reduce breathlessness, increasing core strength, and reducing joint pain and stiffness, which can be caused by fever and inactivity. After being a part of her program, many of Madhur’s patients have actually found benefits in practicing breathing techniques and gentle stretches while feeling mentally and physically fit.

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