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Kapil dragged his feet with every step he took to the office, kept reminding himself every night that this too shall pass, but woke up every morning knowing that his life was not the way he wanted it to be.

This was in 2012, Kapil was 40-year-old and had put everything else on hold for a director level promotion at a Fortune 200 IT Service company. Everything was green but his carefully crafted plans came crashing down when he did not get that promotion.

Have you ever been there? Where you put everything at stake for something that is dependent on other people – and you don’t get it? Where you feel useless, unworthy, and the voice in their head won’t stop screaming YOU’RE A LOSER!

What followed for Kapil was the feelings of hurt, anger, sadness, rejection – even betrayal.

“WHY did it happen to me? WHERE was I at fault? HOW could I have changed it?”

Next year, he did get that coveted promotion. Except, it didn’t mean anything because, by that time, he had come to a significant realization about himself.

He was perpetually scared of being a misfit!

Almost every job he did, he could see a gap between the expectations and what he actually did. His whole life seemed like about dodging the bullet that he was sure would come his way! Whatever immediate comfort he could find– spending them at home, binge watching Netflix, weekend trivialities with friends, created comfort for a short while and kept him away from really figuring out what he had to do.

This continued for 4 really long and painful years before Kapil decided to get himself a coach to gain clarity about what he could do with his life that will be more meaningful and create true joy! With his coaches’ help, he found a pattern that had connected his entire life.

He had a knack for finding unique talent in people and nurturing it. 

It was then that he discovered the philosophy of Playing It Full!

They can be absolutely amazing in health and create brilliant successes and have great relationships- at the same time.

All that they have to do is to find what they absolutely love!

Soon, he quit his job & started coaching people to play it full in their lives. 

It was anything BUT easy. He made too many mistakes, too many false starts and wrong turns and for about a year, making ends meet was a significant challenge.

It was a deeply humbling and rather painful period. It would have continued if it weren’t for some brave decisions that he & his wife made. 

His wife had to go through the misfortune of being made redundant in an organizational restructuring with a top company. This would have been a problem but for the fact that at that time, the ONLY thing they spent time talking about was contribution, impact and client results.

It was at that point that they decided to marry their dreams. His wife Shilpa, joined the business.

But it seems like life was still testing them both.

It pushed them to a point where they were left with only $563 in their bank and it would have been normal to give up. 

Only, they didn’t. 

THE one thing that came to their rescue was that they knew their WHY.

They continued to push back at their constraints harder and harder. They battled their situation head on – it HAD no choice but to end!

And within a year, with their impactful coaching to corporate professionals and the extraordinary results that they created, they were making 5 times their original salary while working with professionals across 12 countries and creating unheard of career results!

As they continue to live this life of impact & time freedom – it is not complete till they talk about the changes at home.

Their daughters aged 16 and 19 have also started playing it full. From academic brilliance they displayed to the growth culture that has become a norm in their family. Their 16-year-old daughter was recently selected to be part of Tony Robbins’ Global Youth Leadership program with 400 other kids from across the world. The elder one has crossed several outstanding milestones in her academics since then. 

The environment at home is power-packed with tiny moments of happiness and true joy of knowing that they are a family of change makers!

That journey started with getting clarity on what they were born to do.

Yours could be just around the corner – do not give up now. Keep going and PLAY IT FULL.


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