Remember the way we used to share our lunch boxes in school and become best friends just like that. That how food shows its magic.

That how Anikait Luthra thought of becoming a chef professionally and then during his course the seminar was conducted, and he got the idea of being a food blogger and started his Instagram handle named “mr_craver”.

That was the time his journey got started from being a student to food blogger, and then a food influencers. The journey had many up and down in it, but he has gonna very well in it and still shining.

Food have been a very major part in his life at very early age, where he been fussy about food that took him to cooking as a hobby and too just to add more to it, he started food blogging.

Blogger and influencer is just a slightly different from each other, the difference is all about the perspective, and he always keeps himself open for all the new ideas and opinions.

And Anikait had explored most of the places in Delhi NCR from reputed cafés and restaurants to explore and unexplored street food in search of taste. And he even travelled to other states most likely to mountains.


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