With his extraordinary achievements in the world of orthopaedic surgery, Dr. Ashish Singh has gained a remarkable and distinguished position. He has proved that goodwill and a prosperous nature can take you to a great height of success.

Being a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Singh has performed several surgeries, ensuring proper treatment and care for his patients. He has a track record of successfully recovered patients and people are thankful to him for his friendly personality.

Originally from Patna, Dr. Singh completed his basic surgical orthopaedic training from Sancheti Hospital, University of Pune, and his MCh. Orth. from Ninewell Hospital and Medical School, Scotland (U.K). He also completed his International S.I.C.O.T. diploma in orthopaedics in Sweden.

With his great dedication and passion for the sector, he achieved all these milestones, seamlessly. The doctor has a special interest in Lower limb joint reconstruction surgery, which he realized during his super speciality training program. It was since then that he pursued his interest further in that direction and enrolled in various training programs in Scotland, to gain an in-depth understanding of the area. Dr Singh also completed his formal training in revision and complex hip and knee replacements.

During all these achievements in his academic career, the doctor was also pursuing his practical career alongside and as a result, even earned an honorary position in the hospital of the UK. With all his accomplishments, the doctor came back to his own city Patna to cater and serve its people. He joined the Anup Institute of Orthopaedics& Rehabilitation, Patna.

He applied his knowledge and skills and became a pioneer in East India to start navigation surgery, which is a computer-assisted total hip and knee replacement technique. He is committed to serving his patients with utmost care and high-standard surgery.

It is due to his diligence and commitment that the Anup Institute of Orthopaedics& Rehabilitation, Patna has turned into a state of the art centre for tertiary orthopaedic care, and has also become the first Single specialityorthopaedic hospital to be accredited by NABH in Eastern India.

The fame, care and surgery results of the doctor are not limited to any geographical boundaries. He caters to patients from Patna, North East India, and also have a huge influx of patients from Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Providing world-class treatment at an affordable rate, Dr. Ashish Singh is changing the landscape of Indian medical treatment. His contributions, and sheer perseverance, have earned great fame to the doctor. He also deserves immense accolades for his leadership and pioneering efforts in the Orthopaedic sector.


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