There’s no denying that sharing a passion for similar interests can bond partners together for long. Well, there is now a dating app that can assist you in finding the ideal partner that shares your interests and passion.

While gyms and swimming pools were closed and people were locked inside their homes, the urge to be connected trumped all other feelings.

Samphion, India’s first interest based dating app, connects users with a variety of health and fitness resources. Meditation, Green Living, and Conscious Diet are among the 16 different profiles offered, as are Walking, Exercise, Fitness, Skincare, Yogasana, the 5 A.M Club, Mindfulness, Swimming, Dancing, Zumba, Hiking, Music, and Fashion.

The availability of these 16 profiles aids people in making better decisions about their interests, and this, in turn, aids them in connecting with others who share their preferences and interests.

For instance, Fitness is a major concern in today’s culture as individuals become more health-conscious and prioritise fitness. There are various advantages to combining exercise with dating and priorities must, among other things, be coordinated. If one of your priorities is to be active and work out on a regular basis, and the other person has your interests, they will be able to connect much more easily, and, of course, the same is true for other interests as well.

Samphion not only assists people in finding the ideal partner, but it also ensures that their users’ privacy is protected. For example, the app contains a feature that incentivizes users by preventing them from taking screenshots. Also, if a person logs in using their phone number, their account will be validated, and they will receive different tags, such as verified and samphionister.

Samphion has a distinguishing trait that sets it apart from other apps: its users get along with one another. When someone likes you and you like them back, the two of you start interacting right away. A person can also converse with another user by sending a like to them and then receiving a super like from them. The app becomes more desirable as a result of these minor but critical features, and users begin to use it with increasing passion.

With the idea of Interest Based Dating, Samphion is ushering in a new era in the dating industry. Within two months of its introduction, Samphion had surpassed 10,000 users, not only that, but on a weekly basis, it onboards over 2500 users as well.

To develop something new, Samphion has attempted to break down the barriers of existing platforms. A diverse set of services makes it more appealing to people who are drawn to the app, but it also opens possibilities for individuals who have never used a dating app before.

In conclusion, Samphion is a promising application for today’s health-conscious culture. Trying something new and different can make dating more pleasant.

It’s time to give the brand-new samphion app a spin. Now is the time to download!


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