Till now we thougt life is on-going process come what may but CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK HAS REPUDIATED IT BY FORCING US ALL TO REMAIN INDOORS, Sort of bringing life to halt, good as STANDSTILL.

Corona Virus outbreak is not just random breakout of any arbitrary disease; it has multi fold implications.
It is strong breaks put to unparalleled fast paced human life; it is 180 degree change in the definition of encroacher & inhabitant( humans & wild life); it is completing 360 degree circle to come back to roots( validating isolation after delivery or death in family & many more such practices) etc etc.
While the list may go on, its similarity to imp things/issues in life is highly shocking.
All of us must have read/heard this sentence innumerable times in print/electronic media that Corona Virus is highly egotistic; it does not enter homes till one goes out to get it .
For a split fraction of second, think of a rapist as Corona Virus.
Having jitters already?
Are Govt & knowledgeable experts/seniors are advising ONLY the people infected with this virus to stay indoors & isolate or extending this request/advice/order to entire public/population for the very fear of infection spreading exponentially otherwise.
Pretty much the same way, rapists do not enter homes normally on their own, until & unless it is done to punish, wreak revenge or settle score. These rapists lurk in dark, single or in groups & are always on the look out for the vulnerable target , found single mostly.
Whenever we draw similarity, let us not forget that only few things appear similar with few others being stark opposite. Corona virus is more prone to attacking with more people around but Rapist predates single.
While Corona Virus infected people do stand chances of recovery, raped lady is totally broken…physically & mentally too, if not dead for once.
Corona virus will be tackled once vaccine is invented but perverted mentality of rapists is an ever looming danger for mankind.
One must not forget that even while imposing curfew to prevent Corona virus crisis, people are still given freedom to come out to fetch necessary stuff eg medicines & groceries.
Then why can we not self impose the restriction of remaining indoors if the need to come out beyond normal hours is not very severe till we know how to deal with Rape virus.
With this ref & context, we have 2 takes now…
Till it is established that this crime ie RAPE is unpardonable & deserves highest degree of punishment at the earliest, can we…the women self discipline ourselves?
We all must work towards achieving this ideal world where women also roam
around as freely as men by undertaking all measures possible, plugging all loop holes involving all concerned parties but till then, for the betterment of future & current safety, can we not restrict movement at odd hours if not needed?
It becomes imperative to mention here that while Corona Virus crisis is short-term, problem of rape persists & so life style changes have to be made to deal with such grave crisis.
Sincere steps to deal with this problem on the lines of inventing vaccine must be undertaken eg teaching self defence to girls & making them physically & financially empowered, counselling boys, fast track courts, strict punishment etc but should one rely on these measures only & expose oneself to highest order of crime ?
Women empowerment does not mean roaming around for fun in the middle of night. Sincere & strict efforts must be made to take care of women having jobs involving irregular hours/time but how should women exposing themselves unnecessarily to this heinous crime in the name of liberation be treated?
Change is the only constant.
Life moves on, undergoes great changes bringing upside down changes in lifestyle …..
So the only thing needed to make it easy is to be ready to adapt & victory will surely come about.
1. Be ready to impose self restriction to remain indoors at odd hours? ( Things are different if have trustworthy escort)
2. Ready to fall prey to rapist & draw comfort in speedy strong punishment?
– Urvashi Mittal



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