1. Describe yourself before you started gyming

Someone who used to eat all kinds of junk food and for whom dancing every day was a form of workout.

2. Why did you decide to become a fitness trainer ?

When I started working out I was trained by someone initially and because of that person I could achieve my goals and see the amazing changes in my body and my lifestyle. That’s when I felt that I should also become a strength and conditioning coach so that I could train people and help them achieve their goals as well as help myself achieve my goals.

3. Describe what’s included in your all day routine ? 

My Morning starts with iced coffee followed by breakfast then work followed by lunch and then a good workout session in the evening followed by yummy dinner and some Netflix.

4. How many unintentional cheat days you have in a month? 

I make alot of dishes by myself giving it a healthy twist so I’d say not more than 3/4 .

5. Any suggestions for formulating a workout plan? 

It all depends on the kind of goal you want to achieve when it comes to your body or physical fitness as It is different for every one. For my I try to focus on the entire body dividing the workout with 3 upper body, 3 lower body and 2-3 core exercises.

6. How do you keep yourself motivated?

I see a major difference in my mood and mental health when my body is doing great and is in good shape which I can only achieve by working out regularly and eating healthy. As for me these things are really important so that is what keeps me motivated.

7. What’s that one thing that you never want to change in yourself?

I never want to stop working on/for myself. I want to keep getting better each day and learn something from the previous day.

Foram Botadra


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