Nagpur based Digital marketing and advertising company Examplad Media is creating wonders in the field of Digital Growth services.

Started in 2017 the company has served clients across India and even served abroad, from Music to Dance, from Hospitality to Startups
They have served clients from every field.
The key services of company are Digital PR,Complete management and growth of Social Media,Content Marketing,Influencer Marketing and Digital Advertising.

Jitesh Tilwani, Founder of Examplad Media is a Software Developer by profession and has a great experience in Digital Marketing.

In conversation with Jitesh Tilwani we asked him what’s the future of Digital Marketing in India and what is his suggestion if someone wants to pursue his/her career in Digital Marketing.

He replies-“Digital Marketing nowadays is considered as a thing which can be performed by anyone which is incorrect any kid running ads on Facebook/Instagram feels he/she is a digital marketer.
Digital Marketing is not just running ads, in this era where running ads is only for 40₹ with a simple User interface provided by various platforms it is easier to promote.

But you need to understand the aftermath of ads, what leads you are getting or how many customers you are getting or how much awareness you are able to create.

Creating an impact to your target audience through your digital ads must be the goal of any individual who is into digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is huge, Some of the Universities have started a proper course of Digital Marketing in which you can graduate in that course which i feel is Amazing.

Also apart from that YouTube is the best teacher, you get answers to every question and personally I learned from YouTube as well.”


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