It never comes to end to amaze us how much time people waste searching endlessly for magic shortcuts to entrepreneurial success and fulfilment when the only real path is staring them right in the face. When we tell more about the real path and efforts all we can define a man with the same thoughts and action is none other than AJAY AJMERA from AJMERA FASHION. Who was born in the Sikar city of Rajasthan, and completed his schooling in his home town itself.

Ajay Ajmera is a businessman in the textile industry in Surat. He got recognition in the biggest textile sector of the country. The city of Surat leads to incorporating new industries and markets. Ajay Ajmera has set to achieve his goal to provide the finest clothing line in the country and supports in empowering women. Never did anyone knew that a man from Rajasthan would come in the year 1992 and change the entire idea behind the fashion industry. It all started with an average job of being a broker and later on, he left his job to full fill his dream. A Few years later in 2011 Ajmera fashion got its digital presence with most elegant and assorted collections.

The reason behind his dominance in the fashion industry is because he believed in himself and not the work that he had to do. He believes that when someone wants something that they will die for, they will definitely accomplish it. It was not an overnight success for him and not even there were profits down the years. Initially, there was a lack of money to invest and he had to face many challenges to emerge victoriously. During the journey of his business success, there were times when they thought of shutting the whole thing down. This drove Ajay Ajmera to think and innovate for new ideas to get the business on track.

He had worked with small group people at the start and now, Ajmera Fashion is a recognized brand with more than a hundred employees. He planned on only sticking to women wear because he noticed that women were lacking in the fashion segment for a long time in the country. He made it his mission to deliver high-quality garments to every woman out there and with his sheer will and dedication that became a reality. He believed that his business should create more and more businesses for other people like retailers. He had supported retailers by handing out his goods, and now thousands stand by him to uplift his business. Even after tremendous success, he did not stop there and went on to become a motivational speaker. In his speeches, he inspires the young generation towards entrepreneurship and innovation. Many young aspirants with his guidance have achieved many accolades in their careers. His words enlightened thousands of youngsters and made them believe in themselves. Now, they have even opened business services from their homes. His efforts and consistency towards his goal have finally paid off with Ajmera Fashion. At present they are exporting to more than forty-five countries and expanding to even more places. He is also in contact with Dr. Vivek Bindra for the training committee and he believes to invest in brains and not assets. He acquires members who are like-minded and with his leadership leads them to success. Ajmera Fashion is looking to empower and enrich women’s fashion wear with their design and quality.

In his life, the rewards are not only for his success in the fashion industry but also for recognizing women’s talent and empowering society. He has earned awards for many things in his life and he considers his highest reward is inspiring the young generation.

He takes part in many workshops to encourage youth into taking entrepreneurship. He believes even if one percent of the students take part in building their business then India will be a developed country. He actively takes part in teaching youngsters about marketing strategies and aspects that improve a person’s personality better. He shares his journey as an inspiration to other employees. He loves traveling and photography is his passion for art. He also participates in many online events on youtube and other social media platforms. He has his own YouTube channel to guide young fresher’s into the industry in the right direction.


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