‘The Influencer’ is a trending new suspense thriller book, launched by renowned Indian author Abhaidev. The paperback is published under the imprint Bookpatch LLC.

This novel has been a long time coming. Abhaidev, banker turned writer, first emerged on the scene in 2019 with his debut novel ‘That Thing About You’ – an uncommon story of a common man rejected in love. It immediately caught the attention of the readers and became a huge hit, especially with youngsters. So naturally people were eagerly waiting for his next novel. ‘The Influencer’, with its unique plot, and well-paced, thrilling and captivating story has caught the attention of young readers. Within a few days of its launch it has climbed up onto the top books under Action and Thriller genre.

Abhaidev’s ‘The Influencer’ is a compelling read and what makes it riveting is the unique plot and the resilience it depicts. It brings to life a thrilling account of a single man who faces the wrath of a powerful but dubious organization with highly-skilled, super assassins at its disposal.

The story is about a couple – Shreya and Aditya. Shreya, one fine morning, finds out that she is pregnant. The same morning she gets to know that her husband is doing a secret business, after she comes across a few videos on his laptop. One of the prime minister’s many assistants, Aditya is no ordinary man. He is instead what some people call an Influencer. Yes! Literally! He is one of the few fortunate men who with the power of their minds can make other people agreeable and servile. Life for Aditya had been smooth until that morning. WIS, the secret group he works for, cannot tolerate Aditya’s goof up. It, therefore, declares war on the renegade. Aditya’s death is what they want. What follows is supremely thrilling and gripping tale.

Readers have given a big thumbs-up to this unique and modernistic story. The readers have liked the protagonist Aditya’s influential personality. The depictions of various situations and locations are so well written that the readers may as well experience the journey themselves. The book has a strong suspense factor. The young readers will definitely admire the plot and the modern and futuristic approach. The content of the book is suitable for 18+ of age only.

Abhaidev is the pen name of Mayank Chandna, an MDI Gurgaon alumnus. After working for a while in an investment bank, he took the plunge into writing after quitting, what he calls, “that boring job”. He always wanted to be a writer. His first novel was different and this one too is unique, he is surely expanding the landscape of India fiction writing. His penchant for continental philosophy and craze for progressive house and indie music has nettled his simple parents. He is an avid reader and believes that there is nothing nobler in this world than possessing an intense desire to learn.

The Book ‘The Influencer’ is now available for purchase via all major digital book distribution outlets, including Amazon.   


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