1 . Tell us more about your background and journey. 

I am 19 years old , just completed my 12th class. My background has always been more in co curricular activities as compared to studies. My journey went from dancing & doing hindi skits in school to flash mob performances in malls. I love performing, which somehow turned into content creating in no time.

2 . When did you first decide that your are going to become an content creator and were you confident that you are going to get this much success? 

I never knew at the starting that i will come this far in content creating, i was just a mimicry artist and a guy who used to sit with his school friends and they would ask me to mimic all the school teachers. I believed if i can make people laugh around me , i can also grow in the field of comedy / content creating. And by god’s grace audience accepted me the way i am . 

3 . Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it?

I was also into sports , i was in school athletic team. My event was shotput throw. For 3 years I played that sport and I didn’t even got a single medal. I used to qualify in every competition. I even went to state level, but unfortunately i never bagged a medal or a position. By the time I realised i was chasing victory but i was not learning from my mistakes, hardwork without direction is worthless. From then whatever i did in life, i enjoyed the process of learning and developing  skills and i accepted that failures are the part of life. 

4 . You are known for your characters. Which one is your personal favorite? What is the name of the next character? 

My favourite character amongst all I created is ” BALLI ” , And i can’t even describe the amount of love i have received for this character from audience. Balli is very close to my heart, Balli is my childhood. I really miss my school days, so I decided to come up with this. I wanted everyone to live their nostalgic memories of school days through Balli’s relatable videos. My upcoming character names are always anonymous , by the time everyone will get to know. 

5 . What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring artists?

My advice to aspiring artists is to stay consistent and unique, get inspiration from the creators you look up to but don’t copy. Shortcuts will never work in content creating. 

6 . What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

We all face hard times , sometimes I don’t even feel like shooting a video  , sometimes i feel i should take a long break. But at the end i am doing what i enjoy doing.

Mohammad Zama


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