Akanksha Chandok, Founder at Building Blocks Digital Marketing Agency, Ex Radisson Blu Delhi, said over the past decade, the marketing industry has seen many women rise up the ranks to become influential thought leaders and trailblazers. This feat is despite the fact that less than a third of the digital marketing workforce is female.

So, while there are still challenges for women in the sector such as representation, access to senior roles, and closing the gender pay gap, significant progress is being made as many female marketers continue to push boundaries.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we must also explore the contribution of women to the field of digital marketing and look at the impact they have made in several distinct ways across different sectors.

Sharing her 3 exclusive ways for women in 2022 to explore themselves in the field of digital marketing,

1) The Pioneers:

Women succeeding in digital marketing is not new news, they have taken the lead in the industry for as long as the discipline has existed. However, gender bias within the sector has led to female positions being undervalued by 21% compared to their male peers!

Drawing on Akanksha’s technological and creative strengths, women such as her are early pioneers in the sector. She paved the way for not only her but other females to make valuable contributions in this sector

Even now, young pioneers must use digital marketing in innovative ways to create a foundation for other women to succeed.

2) The Educators:

Successful female digital marketers aren’t afraid to share their expertise.

Whether it’s through publications, at conferences and seminars, or on a one-to-one mentoring basis, women are empowering other women within the industry. You might already have seen her on Delhi hoardings and banners since this is just one aspect of Akanksha’s success story.

She’s a marketing expert and educator who has given more than 25000 students all across DU colleges budding entrepreneurs the confidence and the toolkit to transform their ideas into businesses.

Her talents have cemented her as a go-to online marketing expert, who knows exactly how to use social media, online content, and email marketing to reach business objectives, no matter the size or structure of an organization.

3) The Social Media Experts:

The swift development and uptake of social media have influenced and accelerated the practice of digital marketing over the past few years. Women have been pivotal in responding to this rapidly changing sector and have positioned themselves as industry experts.

In fact, 68% of social media influencers are female and harness the power of social selling. They know which platforms are hot and how a marketing strategy can be built around them. Ms. Chandok is an evangelist in handling social media strategists for her clients and has written for numerous publications, as well as her own successful blog.

She is a speaker and consultant and has presented herself at many workshops and seminars for DU colleges . She describes herself as a ‘digital  Knife,’ and we can’t help but agree!


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